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I have been preaching the Word of God since I was a young man. In the beginning of my ministry I was an evangelist, preaching at various churches in states from Illinois and Colorado. I became a pastor in the late 1980’s. Preaching, teaching and leading people to God has been a passion of mine for many years. It all began when I was 21 years old, as a young man in a service one evening, a prophet called me out declaring my sinful condition; it was as if he had my thoughts in his mind and had been where I had been watching me in my rebellion, but I lived in Colorado and he lived in Texas, so it was impossible for him to know such details.

I was a arrogant young man and instead of humbling myself in the presence of a miracle I left church with a very bitter, rebellious attitude. As I left the church I remember grabbing my jaw as a pain hit me. What I thought at the time was an abscess tooth turned out to be cancer. Doctors that diagnosed me gave me the bitter news that I possibly only had a short time to live; and if I had surgery I would be horribly disfigured. I grew bitter and angry towards God “why me” it seemed so unfair to me, there were plenty of murderers and rapists that could use a good dose of cancer {I thought}; the night before my surgery my dear, very German father came in my room. All night he reached at my jaw crying and reaching as if by will through prayer in Jesus name he was pulling out every cancer cell, I humbled myself before God; called every one I had offended …After that I literally wept and cried and repented of my rebellious spirit and turned my heart to God and he healed me of the cancer; both the cancer of my body and soul!

I have since seen miracles and wonders of God’s amazing grace! I’ve had old men that know me well say I’ve lived an old mans life, I always say, “Low years —High mileage” Ha! God has saved my life, my marriage, my church, and my kids. I became ordained in the UPC church sometime around 2000. So that’s the readers digest version! My wife and I have both attended classes for Marriage counseling. I am proof that god can still use donkeys! So if I can serve you I’m here!