Wanda Chavis

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Church: 910-497-5195

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Grew up in a Home Missionary Pastor’s home. Married Jeff L. Chavis in 1975. Along with her husband, has pastored multicultural/military church for over 25 years. Homeschooled her three sons, Brocc, Cortt and Kyle; (who are all involved in full-time ministry) and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative Medicine. Accomplished pianist, singer, songwriter and recording artist; published author and frequent Ladies Conference speaker. Holiness, hope and humor are her favorite teaching points, as she joins her husband in international ministry. Served on District Ladies Committee ten years and then served eight years as District Ladies President. Hosts an annual Ribbons of Blue Day Conference for ladies ages 5 and up, focused on preserving and promoting the heritage of holiness for future generations. Has a special burden for Parsonage Women (Wives and Daughters of Pastors) and is a personal mentor to dozens.

Her website: www.wandachavis.com