What is Points of Refuge?

Points of Refuge is a care ministry for the ministers of the United Pentecostal Church International. This ministry was created to provide a refuge for the ministers and their family in need of personal care and counsel.  It is imperative to the health of our fellowship that each member of the ministry have a place for ministry.

Points of Refuge offers relevant resources and a variety of caregivers ready and available to assist a brother or sister in need. Regardless of the type of need, we encourage Pastors and UPC licensed ministers to utilize these resources.

Don’t believe the lies of the enemy!
You are not a failure! You are not alone!
There is a point of refuge!

A Word on Confidentiality Standards

“One thing I need to address based on established standards that this ministry is guided by, and that is the limits to confidentiality in our relationship.  What you share with me will be confidential, unless it goes beyond certain parameters.  If you begin talking about suicidal intentions, homicidal intentions, rape, child abuse you’ve engaged in, or any other activity deemed harmful to yourself or others, I will need to go beyond our relationship, reporting to proper authorities in my state in order to help you or perhaps protect others.  I would do my best to honor our relationship and confidentiality, while helping insure that you or others are safe.  Is that clear?  I share this so that if something does come up, you will not feel betrayed by me if I have to break confidentiality.  I will do my best to let you know if I sense you might be getting close to having to go outside of our relationship and share something with the proper authorities.”




G. Keith Sjöstrand

Committee Chairman

2023 Fallsburg Road NE

Newark, OH  43055


Cell: (740 814-2021



Ronald Guidroz

Committee Member

2091 Mary Ln
Dickinson, TX 77539


Cell: (713) 294-8277


Terry Pugh

Committee Member

1500 Sandalwood Lane
Odessa, TX 79761


Home: (432) 367-7902
Cell: (432) 528-6473

Samuel Mendizabal

Committee Member


Cell: (832) 755-2333

Sylvia Clemons

Committee Member


Cell: (210) 478-1104

Ron Libby

Committee Member


(301) 926-3761 Ext. 101

Cell: (301) 520-2892

Thomas Murphy

Committee Member


Cell: (318) 880-1335

Vision Statement

The Points of Refuge ministry is committed to exalting Jesus Christ in purity and righteousness through giving encouragement, confidential guidance and support to hurt and wounded people in ministry. We commit ourselves in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood to come alongside ministers, ministers’ spouses and missionaries around the globe when life has become overwhelming and shattering. We aim to fill the role of the good Samaritan that Jesus used as an agent of restoration, renewal, replenishment and revitalization.

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