Glenn Murphy

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Glenn, along with his wife and two children entered into full time ministry in 1984 as an evangelist. For 3 ½ years they traveled to 26 states preaching revivals.

After evangelizing, Glenn felt the call of God to start a church in Youngstown, Ohio. Upon arriving they went to work right away and started teaching Home Bible Studies and after a year they had their first service in their living room. After a few months they converted their garage into a church and about year later were able to move to a church building. After 6 years in NE Ohio, they relocated to Louisiana and became pastor of a small, struggling church of about 12 people. 23 years later the church has a constituency of about 250 and is still growing.

Glenn has served as a Sectional Youth Director and A Sectional Home Missions Board member.

He is also a Certified Life Coach and the author of “The Called Man.”