What is pastoral counseling?

Aug 25, 2016 | Carol Clemans, Counseling, Pastoral

Since graduating from the Institute of Christian Counseling in 1992, for 17 years I’ve been providing a pastoral counseling ministry to the church on a local basis, nationwide by phone and now by web cam (the first 10 years for Pastor Kenneth Haney in Stockton, CA). Pastoral counseling ministry is using God’s truth to help people come to healing and growth spiritually, relationally and emotionally. When we know God’s truth we can be set free.

Each person lives with not only the facts of his/her life, but they also live with their own interpretation about those facts. If a person comes from an emotionally wounded background, most of the time their interpretation about the facts of their life can be distorted with the lies that the devil wants them to believe to continue to steal their joy in the Lord.

For example, the adult who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse can be saved, but deeply emotionally wounded from that childhood abuse that definitely impacts their adult relationships. Because of the abuse they feel used, dirty, helpless, hopeless, unlovable, damaged goods, etc. Their healing comes by helping them to understand God’s interpretation about the facts of their lives. Through applying God’s truth, they can be “transformed by the renewing of their minds.” Through Godly counsel, they are encouraged to take ownership of the process of the healing by replacing their distorted thinking with God’s truth.My counseling ministry is done in complete confidentiality. I’ve helped hundreds of people over the years. I have cards and letters of sincere appreciation in having a Holy Ghost counselor available. Many ministers have counseled with me regarding personal issues. I give God the glory for allowing me to be an instrument for healing and growth in the lives of others. (Web cam program – free download at www.Skype.com).

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